Published 6th December 2010, comes this brilliant new book, Tomorrow Revisited, which tells the story of how Frank Hampson created Dan Dare, the shocking truth about why he left Eagle, and his career in later life.

Alastair Crompton

You may have noticed, on the front page of this book, there is one of Gilly, my wife’s, pet jokes. ‘There are three people in our marriage: myself, Alastair and Frank Hampson’. To my shame I confess this has been horribly true. I have had a fixation with this superhuman creator and his story-telling art since I saw first saw Dan Dare in my school playground.

Studying the space-opera instead of revising for examinations made a complete mess of my GCSE results. Fortunately I had some small skill as an advertising copywriter, and thrived until 1990 in the ad-game. I have written TV commercials for many top brands including Ready Brek (strange, glowing school kids) and Heinz.

I won my first gold-lion at a Cannes Advertising Film Festival for a commercial about sponge puddings which shows people who’ve enjoyed the desert have their clothes burst open as the buttons give way. And my second for salad cream, where I explain lettuce only has crinkles so it might embrace the condiment more fully.

My first shot at Hampson’s biography was The Man Who Drew Tomorrow, which you will know, if you have read to the end of this book, was written without help from Frank, Dorothy, Peter Hampson or Joan Porter. This may partly account for some of the howlers it contains.

However, when PS Publishing invited me to update the work, the Hampson family was happy to collaborate, for which I am grateful. I believe Tomorrow Revisited tells the whole story of Frank’s career, and I hope some of my readers share the rage and disgust I feel over the way Frank was ousted from Eagle in 1962. The outrageous corporate firing did irreparable damage to his health, and scoured out of him a great deal of his talent.

This new book complete, I do believe I have exorcised Frank Hampson from my system. From today my marriage will be just Gilly and me, and since it has been a happy one for 37 years, I anticipate more happiness still, as we I go sans gooseberry into that goodnight.


PS Publishing is a UK-based award-winning press specialising in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror and now, with PS ArtBooks, graphic novels and extensively illustrated reference works. Established in 1999, PS publishes some 30 titles every year (2009 saw 41) and almost 200 titles are currently available. Tomorrow Revisited is the personal project of PS founder Peter Crowther and his partner in PS ArtBooks, Paul Stephenson, the noted collector and long-time admirer of Hampson’s work.

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