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PS Artbooks Merchandise and Accessories!?

We've gotten rather good at restoring and reproducing some of the most iconic comic books from the golden and silver age of comic books... So what about merchandise & accessories? From t-shirts to prints, why not wear and display your favourite art and stories with pride! Let us know what you want to see in the future besides more incredible stories brought back to life!


T-shirt Designs

One of the great things about the comic books we print is the art! Why not wear your favourite comic book cover with pride with these ICONIC t-shirt designs. With designs from Chamber of Chills, Punch Comics, Psycho and Black Cat mysteries these t-shirts could be a reality and will instantly make you the coolest person on the block!

  • Chamber of Chills - Volume 4 - Softee Edition (LEFT) Shop here

  • Punch Comics - Issue 12 - Facsimile Edition (RIGHT) Shop here

  • Psycho - Issue 5 - PS Magazine (LEFT) Shop here

  • Black Cat Mystery - Volume 5 - Softee Edition (RIGHT) Shop here

Let us know below if you would be interested in a PS Artbooks apparel range!

Would you be interested in tshirts?

  • Sounds like a great idea!


Beanie Hats

We are fast approaching summer, so maybe a beanie isn't for everyone at this time of year, but if you live somewhere cold or just want to throw the rule book out the window these are for you! Embroidered logos of your favourite comic book series, publishers and characters on a high quality head garment? Sign me up! For example we have Captain Marvel from series such as Whiz Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures, America's Greatest Comics and more, Blackhawk from the ever popular Blackhawk series and our two favourite old comic book publishers Fawcett Comics and Harvey Comics.

Let us know below if you would be interested in PS Artbooks beanie hats!

Would you be interested in beanies?

  • My head is cold what a fantastic idea!


Snapback Caps

Got the sun in your eyes? Bad hair day? Here's the answer! PS Artbooks embroidered snapback caps featuring some of your favourite comic book logos and designs! From Gorgo to American Comics Group, wear your favourite comic books with pride.

Let us know below if you would be interested in PS Artbooks snapback caps!

Would you be interested in snapbacks?

  • These would look great on my head!


Phone Cases

Mobile phones have become an essential part of life for most people. Why not dress your phone up with one of these phone cases that would not only protect your phone but make it stand out from the rest. With designs from Harvey Horrors Black Cat Mystery and Chamber of Chills, Punch Comics and Psycho, these are sure to stir up a conversation. We have also come up with a clean and classic Comic Code Authority design for the more minimalist collector.

Let us know below if you would be interested in PS Artbooks phone cases!

Would you be interested in phone cases?

  • My phone needs this!



Got a space on your wall that needs some love? We could have just the thing...

We currently sell limited edition prints with our Facsimile edition comics, but would you like to see more prints on their own? With over 1000 titles in our ever growing store, amongst these is some incredible and iconic art from some of the greatest comic book artists in history! These prints will be printed on the highest quality stock and in a4 and a3!

  • Doll Man - Volume 2 - Softee Edition Shop here

Let us know below if you would be interested in PS Artbooks prints!

Would you be interested in art prints?

  • My wall needs more art!


Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts! What designs would you like to see on t-shirts and other merchandise? Is there anything you want to see from PS Artbooks in the future? Would you like bundles and gift options?

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