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Gorgo: History of a Titan

The comic book character Gorgo is a giant monster, similar in concept to Godzilla, that appeared in a series of comic books published by Charlton Comics in the 1960s. Gorgo made its debut in the comic book series "Gorgo" published by Charlton Comics. The character first appeared in the film "Gorgo" released in 1961 by King Brothers Productions, directed by Eugène Lourié. The comic series was directly inspired by this movie.

Gorgo the 1961 motion picture poster by King Brothers Productions and Eugène Louriè

The comic book series "Gorgo" began in 1961, shortly after the film's release. Charlton Comics, known for its variety of genres including horror, science fiction, and superhero comics, capitalised on the popularity of giant monster movies. The series ran for 23 issues from 1961 to 1965. It was one of the early examples of a comic book series featuring a giant monster as the protagonist.

Gorgo #4 by Charlton Comics

The story of Gorgo revolves around a giant sea monster that is captured and brought to London to be exhibited. However, it is revealed that Gorgo is merely a juvenile, and its much larger mother comes to rescue it, causing widespread destruction. The comics expanded on the film’s narrative, featuring Gorgo in various adventures where it often battles other giant monsters, faces natural disasters, and contends with human military forces.

Charlton Comics Publisher Logo

Themes of nature versus civilization, the consequences of human exploitation of nature, and familial bonds were prevalent throughout the series. Gorgo's mother, who comes to rescue her captured offspring, highlights the bond between parent and child, even among giant monsters.

The comic series featured work by notable artists such as Steve Ditko, who is renowned for co-creating Spider-Man and Doctor Strange for Marvel Comics. Ditko's work on Gorgo helped to bring a distinctive and dynamic visual style to the series. Other contributors included writers like Joe Gill, who was a prolific writer for Charlton Comics.

Artist: Steve Ditko

Another giant monster character, Reptilicus, was featured in a Danish-American film of the same name released in 1961. Like Gorgo, Reptilicus was a gigantic reptilian creature causing widespread destruction. Charlton Comics also published a comic series based on Reptilicus. This series was short-lived, with only two issues released in 1961. Both Gorgo and Reptilicus were products of the early 1960s fascination with giant monster movies, a genre popularized by Japanese kaiju films like Godzilla. While Gorgo was portrayed as a creature with a mother-child dynamic, Reptilicus was depicted more as a mindless force of destruction.

Reptilicus motion picture poster

Reptilicus #1 & #2 covers by Charlton Comics

While Gorgo did not reach the same iconic status as Godzilla, it remains a notable part of comic book and monster movie history. The series is remembered for its unique take on the giant monster genre and its place in the early 1960s pop culture landscape. The Gorgo comics have become collector's items and are appreciated by fans of vintage comics and monster stories.

PS Artbooks Gorgo Volume 1 & 2 Trade Paperback Editions

Over the years, Gorgo comics have been reprinted, allowing new generations to discover the character. The influence of Gorgo can be seen in the continued popularity of giant monster narratives in various media.

Who can win in a fight, Gorgo or Godzilla? Let us know below!

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