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This Blog Post is Haunted

This Magazine Is Haunted is a horror comic book series that was initially published by Fawcett Comics in the early 1950s and later revived by Charlton Comics in the mid-1950s.


Fawcett Comics Era (1951-1954)

Fawcett Comics: This Magazine is Haunted #1

This Magazine Is Haunted debuted in October 1951, during the golden age of horror comics. It was part of the post-war horror comic boom, reflecting the era's fascination with macabre and supernatural themes. Each issue typically featured several short horror stories, often narrated by a recurring character named Dr. Death. The stories varied from tales of ghosts and hauntings to eerie mysteries and bizarre supernatural occurrences.

The series showcased work from notable artists and writers of the time, including Sheldon Moldoff, who created many of the covers and contributed interior art. The writing often included moral lessons, a common feature in horror comics of the period. Fawcett ceased publishing comics in 1954, partly due to the rising scrutiny of the comic book industry and the formation of the Comics Code Authority, which heavily censored horror comics.


Charlton Comics Revival (1954-1956)

Charlton Comics: This Magazine is Haunted #15

After Fawcett exited the comic book market, Charlton Comics acquired several of its titles, including This Magazine Is Haunted. Charlton continued the series starting with issue #15, maintaining the anthology format but with some differences in tone and style. The stories often had a slightly more sensational edge, reflecting Charlton's approach to horror comics.

Charlton's version featured work from a different set of artists and writers, although the overall aesthetic and narrative style remained consistent with the original Fawcett issues. Notable contributors included Steve Ditko, who later gained fame for his work on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The series ultimately ended in 1956 after 21 issues (including both Fawcett and Charlton runs). The decline in horror comics' popularity, along with the stringent regulations of the Comics Code Authority, contributed to its cancellation.

Artist: Steve Ditko


Legacy and Impact

"This Magazine Is Haunted" is remembered for its contribution to the horror genre in comics, particularly during the early 1950s. It encapsulated the era's blend of horror and moral storytelling, with its eerie tales and striking artwork leaving a lasting impression on the genre. The series is also notable for its transition from Fawcett to Charlton, illustrating the shifting landscape of the comic book industry during a time of significant change and regulation.

This Magazine is Haunted - Volume 1 - Facsimile Slipcase Edition

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