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Heroines of the Golden Age

These characters showcase the breadth of female representation in early comic books, illustrating the diversity of roles and stories that women occupied in the Golden Age and Pre-Code era of comics.


Phantom Lady (1941)

  • Publisher: Quality Comics (later DC Comics)

  • Creators: Arthur Peddy and Frank Borth

  • Debut: Police Comics #1

  • Overview: Sandra Knight used a black light projector to blind her enemies. She was a member of the Freedom Fighters and was known for her daring costume and espionage skills.


Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (1937)

  • Publisher: Fiction House

  • Creators: Will Eisner and Jerry Iger

  • Debut: Wags #1 (British magazine); Jumbo Comics #1 (American comic)

  • Overview: Sheena was one of the first female characters to headline her own comic book. She is a jungle heroine who fights evil with her strength, agility, and knowledge of the jungle.


Lady Luck (1940)

  • Publisher: Quality Comics

  • Creator: Will Eisner (initially created by Eisner, later taken over by others)

  • Debut: The Spirit Section (newspaper supplement)

  • Overview: Brenda Banks fights crime as Lady Luck, using her intelligence and martial arts skills. She is a socialite who decides to take on a secret identity to combat corruption and crime.


Bulletgirl (1941)

  • Publisher: Fawcett Comics

  • Creators: Bill Parker and Jon Smalle

  • Debut: Master Comics #13

  • Overview: Susan Kent, the girlfriend of Bulletman, dons a helmet that grants her flight and enhanced strength to fight crime alongside her partner.


Tiger Girl (1944)

Tiger Girl (1944)

  • Publisher: Fiction House

  • Creators: Robert Webb

  • Debut: Fight Comics #32

  • Overview: Tiger Girl, or Princess Vishnu, is a jungle heroine who uses her extraordinary agility, strength, and control over tigers to protect her jungle domain from various threats. She embodies the popular jungle adventure theme of the era.


Cave Girl (1953)

  • Publisher: Magazine Enterprises

  • Creators: Gardner Fox and Bob Powell

  • Debut: Cave Girl #11

  • Overview: Raised by wolves in the jungle, Cave Girl (originally named Carol Mantomer) becomes a powerful and skilled protector of her primitive homeland. She uses her wits, physical prowess, and a strong sense of justice to defend her jungle against various dangers, including wild animals and invading humans.


Cat-Man and Kitten (1941)

  • Publisher: Holyoke Publishing

  • Creators: Charles Quinlan and Irwin Hasen

  • Debut: Crash Comics #4

  • Overview: Katie Conn is the teenage sidekick of Cat-Man. Later becoming Kitten, she partners with Cat-Man to fight various villains using her agility and combat skills.


Senorita Rio (1942)

  • Publisher: Fiction House

  • Creators: Nick Cardy

  • Debut: Fight Comics #19

  • Overview: Rita Farrar, an actress, becomes the secret agent Senorita Rio. She uses her acting skills, intelligence, and combat prowess to fight against Axis spies and other villains in South America during World War II. Senorita Rio was notable for her strong, independent character and exotic settings.


Princess Pantha (1946)

  • Publisher: Standard Comics

  • Creators: Fiction House

  • Debut: Thrilling Comics #56

  • Overview: Princess Pantha is a circus performer who becomes a jungle adventurer. Known for her athleticism and bravery, she fights wild animals and various threats in the African jungle.


Rulah, Jungle Goddess (1947)

  • Publisher: Fox Feature Syndicate

  • Creators: Matt Baker

  • Debut: Zoot Comics #7

  • Overview: Rulah is a jungle heroine who protects the African jungle with her strength, agility, and deep knowledge of the wilderness. She fights poachers, wild animals, and other threats.


Did we miss any? Who's your favourite heroine of the Golden Age?

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