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Starting with a brand new line in pre-code comicbooks the indefatigable and even ubiquitous PS Artbooks launches the PS Facsimile Comics imprint! ​Yes, just when you thought it was almost safe to leave your pocketbooks and purses out on the bureau, along comes a new line in pre-code comicbooks from those funky far-out folks at PS. ​Kicking off PS Facsimile comics comes a three-issue line-up from the pen of the legendary Matt Fox of Chilling Tales, uber well known for magazines the like of Weird Tales itself and now launching a veritable triptych of horror, fear and downright nastiness set to take you to places you wouldn’t ever wanna go. ​All of these comics have been faithfully reproduced with all scans reworked to bring them back as close as possible to the dizzy days of the originals. With Glossy covers and interiors printed on environmentally friendly matt Carbon Based paper. In addition an oversized A3 cover reproduction carefully mounted on card and ready to frame, with an embossed seal identifying the limited status of this imprint. ​This is the future of comics right here Henry, so make sure you don’t miss out a single title. Have a great night, kids! And lock the door.


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