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Jack Cole


Jack Cole, a comic book pioneer of the Golden Age, is revered for his remarkable contributions to the medium. Born in 1914, Cole began his career in the late 1930s and quickly gained recognition for his work on superhero titles. However, it was his creation of the iconic character Plastic Man that would cement his legacy in the comic book world. Debuting in "Police Comics #1" in 1941, Plastic Man, with his malleable body and humorous antics, stood out as a unique and innovative superhero. Cole's talent for combining slapstick humor with crime-fighting adventures made Plastic Man a beloved and enduring character in the comic book pantheon. Cole's creative genius extended beyond superheroes. In the 1950s, he transitioned to the world of humor comics, where he worked on the popular series "Bizarro" for DC Comics. His zany, offbeat humor and clever satire endeared him to a new generation of readers. Tragically, Jack Cole's life was cut short in 1958, but his impact on the comic book industry endures. His pioneering work on Plastic Man and his contributions to humor comics continue to be celebrated, and his legacy lives on as a testament to his innovative storytelling and artistic talent.